Let's talk

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In mid February I noticed a flood of tweets with the hashtag #bellletstalk inviting an honest conversation about mental health. My first thought, knowing that Rob Bell had a new book coming out, was excitement and relief that he had taken the brave step of writing something substantial on mental health issues and depression in the ministry. Read more about Let's talk

Running XULrunner apps on OS X

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Because I’ve just wasted a couple of hours on this and I don’t want you to:

If you have a xulrunner application, and you set it up with the directory structure described here, and it doesn’t start, and then you try running it from the command line and it says either:

LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10810 for the file...

or Read more about Running XULrunner apps on OS X

Today in Bible translation horrors

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Today I was preaching on the mission of God and salvation history, and decided at the last minute to throw in a good example of (a) how God always seeks to restore relationship with those estranged from him, and (b) the principle that, because God does this, we should too. It’s one of my key themes, and a great verse which highlights it is 2 Samuel 14:14. David has become estranged from his son, and Joab sent a woman in to change his mind and gain forgiveness. The climax of the woman’s argument, in every English translation I have checked, goes like this: Read more about Today in Bible translation horrors