A social fast

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I was all set to write about how I wasn’t giving up Facebook and other social media for Lent. The Internet, I was going to write, is undeniably positive thing, which has led to the democratisation of information and spread of knowledge possibly to the same degree as the printing press. We don’t give up books for Lent, right? Social media has facilitated connections and conversations between friends new and old. It allows those far away from their home country (like me) to maintain friendships and keep connected. We don’t give up friends for Lent, right? Read more about A social fast

Get a job - then get a vocation

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Jamie points out that if you want to be a missionary, one of the best things you can do is get a job. And she’s right. It’s very good advice. Experience in that thing called the ‘real world’ gives you many of the things she points out, and one more that she doesn’t: you get to understand how people actually live. So if you’re going to be a missionary, get a job. But then give it up. Leave it behind. And know you’ve left it behind. Read more about Get a job - then get a vocation

A little project I'm working on called "changing global Deaf culture"

So, I’ve been spending a bit of time recently on a new project which is a hugely interesting one. It basically ties together all my interests.

I was contacted by the Japan Deaf Evangel Mission, (ViBi) who said “Hey, we hear you’re a missionary in Japan and you have an interest in sign language and you can program computers. We need you.” Read more about A little project I'm working on called "changing global Deaf culture"

Straying from the context

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I don’t have much intelligent to say about the recent CofE vote. These days I’ve learnt better than to blog when riled up about something. But I do have a comment about the use of Scripture.

Eddie quotes Jon talking about the verse beloved of those in the “yes”-camp, “in Christ there is no male or female”. He makes some good points, that we should listen to the whole counsel of Scripture, that we need to consider it alongside the fact that Paul did write 1 Timothy 2, and so on. And one really bad one: that we need to consider the verse in context. Read more about Straying from the context