A little project I'm working on called "changing global Deaf culture"

So, I’ve been spending a bit of time recently on a new project which is a hugely interesting one. It basically ties together all my interests.

I was contacted by the Japan Deaf Evangel Mission, (ViBi) who said “Hey, we hear you’re a missionary in Japan and you have an interest in sign language and you can program computers. We need you.” Read more about A little project I'm working on called "changing global Deaf culture"

Straying from the context

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I don’t have much intelligent to say about the recent CofE vote. These days I’ve learnt better than to blog when riled up about something. But I do have a comment about the use of Scripture.

Eddie quotes Jon talking about the verse beloved of those in the “yes”-camp, “in Christ there is no male or female”. He makes some good points, that we should listen to the whole counsel of Scripture, that we need to consider it alongside the fact that Paul did write 1 Timothy 2, and so on. And one really bad one: that we need to consider the verse in context. Read more about Straying from the context

The Bible isn't new to me

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I have heard many pastors and preachers tell of how much they love reading the Bible, how it’s a living word to them, and how every time they read it, it comes alive to them and they get something new and fresh from it. I have a dirty secret; that doesn’t happen for me. Yes, I love reading the Bible, but what generally happens is that I pick it up, and I go: I know this. I’ve read it, many many times, forward and backwards, in English and Japanese, Greek and Hebrew. This is not new information for me. Read more about The Bible isn't new to me

In praise of team ministry

I was thinking about someone recently who is quite renowned as a Bible teacher. He is from the conservative Evangelical wing of the church, and what is looked for in that particular version of Christianity is clear, objective, black-and-white Bible teaching. A sermon is a good sermon for conservative Evangelicals if it lays out neatly and objectively the uncompromising truth of Scripture. And the person I was thinking about is extremely good at “rightly dividing the word of truth.” That is definitely his gift, for those who like that sort of thing. Read more about In praise of team ministry

Why we need another Japanese Bible translation (or two)

Reading about the translation of Jn 3:16 in the Japanese Sign Language Bible reminded me of something that’s been sitting on my ever-expanding “wild ideas” list for quite some time now: we need a new translation of the Bible into Japanese. Or possibly two. Read more about Why we need another Japanese Bible translation (or two)

Beating the Bounds

On my way out today I passed the local Shinto festival. In this particular festival, an ark is paraded around the whole town, carried on the shoulders of the young men, stopping at each houses and business so that the god enshrined in the ark can bestow blessings upon them. (Sounds rather like an Old Testament story, doesn’t it?) As you can see, it’s a very public festival involving a lot of people. That’s fairly common for Japanese festivals. Read more about Beating the Bounds

More evidence for the null hypothesis

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So the Biblical studies Internet is all abuzz with the discovery of a Coptic papyrus which has Jesus referring to his own wife. And of course there is the predicable knee-jerk from a lot of Christians that this must be wrong because we have no evidence of Jesus having a wife. But this seems to be the wrong way to approach the argument. Read more about More evidence for the null hypothesis

Mud and tiles

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I’ve been thinking a lot about Mark 2 recently; the paralysed man being led to Jesus by his friends. There’s a lot of richness in their: how Jesus recognises their effort, ingenuity and love in bringing this man to him, and Jesus calls that faith; how the paralysed man has no choice in his situation but his friends decide (unilaterally?) to create an encounter with Jesus, in effect lending their faith to him. Using our faith to set up encounters between Jesus and the people we meet is, basically, what we’re trying to do here. But that’s not what I want to talk about. Read more about Mud and tiles

A little yeast affects the whole dough

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When I was at Redcliffe on the leadership course, we studied a lot about toxic leadership. (If you haven’t come across the concept, read this now and then come back.) One of the reasons why it’s called “toxic” is because bad leadership permeates the whole organisation to create a twisted, self-serving, unhealthy culture. Read more about A little yeast affects the whole dough