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Making disciples

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We are coming to the end of our time on the “frontline” of mission—evangelising and planting churches—and are getting ready to move to “secondary” mission—preparing, training and supporting others—and I have been looking back and reflecting on our time. What will I take away from frontline mission that will help me to prepare others? Read more about Making disciples

Am I ordained?

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I was asked this question yesterday, and I wasn’t sure how to answer. I’m speaking at a church on Sunday and it’s one of those places where only people who are ordained can give the benediction. If I’m not ordained, I have to finish the service at the Lord’s prayer. The Japanese churches that we work with recognise me as a pastor, and allow me to give the benediction, but this is a church outside our network. So what should I say? Read more about Am I ordained?

The Narrow Gate

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I’ve been wondering recently what it means to be a Christian—who gets to call themselves a Christian? Do certain people call themselves Christians when they aren’t? And is there a way to tell them apart, without falling into “no true Scotsman” territory? Today I came up with a solution, and it’s not neat or particularly encouraging, but it may be helpful. Read more about The Narrow Gate

The mission of open source: Evangelism

My professional life has two parts to it; the first part is as a software developer, and the second part is as a missionary. Sometimes I get to combine the two things and write open source software that powers the work of mission; but other times I’m literally getting out there spending time with people who are interested in Jesus. Read more about The mission of open source: Evangelism