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Typesetting with Perl, part ii

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% cat cicero.cic 
[% fontsize = 24; bold; lead = 30 %]The Cicero document processing system

[% fontsize = 12; roman; color = "%00ff0044" %]Simon Cozens

[% color = "black"; lead = 14 %]This text is typeset by the Cicero
document processing system.

[% PERL %]
for (6..12) { 
    Cicero::typeset("The square of $_ is ".$_*$_.".\n\n") 
[% END %]
% cicero cicero.cic
% open cicero.pdf

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Power and Partnership: Partnership begins at home

This is a rough transcript of a talk I was due to give at the Global Connections Thinking Mission forum next month. The theme of the event was due to be partnership and power relationships in mission. Unfortunately, the event has been cancelled, but this means I get to write another blog post instead.

Typesetting with Perl

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So recently I wrote a Perl script to automatically generate cover PDFs for a series of books I’m working on over at Wide Margin. This used the rather good PDF::API2 module to assemble the text and graphics onto the PDF. Now I’ve got the book in my hand, I’m a little bit disappointed by the typesetting of the blurb on the back cover.

This graphic shows the problem:

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New father things I have done in the past two days

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  • Walked around shattered out of my brains, like the world’s happiest zombie.
  • Just sat there holding and staring at the baby for hours on end.
  • Joyfully crossed the nappy-changing Rubicon. (Although I will probably never eat Marmite again.)
  • Not only been prepared to seriously defend the thesis that my baby is the most beautiful baby of all, but also that her cries are more pleasant and bearable than other babies’ cries.
  • Got twitchy after a few hours away from the baby, and resorted to looking at the photos I took of the baby instead.

Big is not beautiful

In the past week I came across two similar church planting concepts, one in the UK, one in Germany. Both are aimed at the millenial generation, both have what I would consider insane start-up costs of over £50,000, and both really left me cold. Which is not good, because I’m supposed to be in favour of church planting. First I thought it was just the money, but thankfully, Henrietta encouraged me to think beyond just the money and work through what was wrong with these ideas. And I think the problem is: big. Read more about Big is not beautiful