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They come out with the most amazing questions. I was asked today by a girl of 7, “do boys have eyelashes too?”

Idea of the day

I consider “reading Usenet”, “reading mail” and “reading RSS sites” to be instances of the same operation: “looking at new information which has arrived”. So it makes sense for there to be a unified interface to all these three things. Traditionally, mail and news at least have been bundled together into an application, but with a slightly different interface for each of them. gnus goes the furthest I can see to integrate the metaphors of mail and news reading.

Mandatory Link Exchange

Dave Winer cracks me up. He's turning into a post-ironic self-parody:
Sheez, Ben, you wrote an article in the Guardian about news aggregators and didn't even mention the leadng product in the category. If I were to follow your example you'd never get a link from me. Yet I've pointed to you many times. Some people just don't get the Web.
Randy Ray calls him the Al Gore of the modern Internet.