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I never wanted to be a kernel hacker

I grabbed the CVS HEAD kernel and started building it; I didn't get particularly far, because after correcting a few simple syntax errors, I found that the build process required the -fapple-kext option to the compiler. Um, the what option? Time to check out a new version of cc from the Apple CVS. Only to find that that didn't define the -fapple-kext option either. Wonderful.


Simon Myer's talk on our very own Request Tracker was particularly funny; Marcus Brinkmann gave a great presentation on GNU Hurd, something that may be worth looking into in a while. Dave Jones and Marcelo Tosatti were there, talking about Linux kernel maintainance; I intend to bug them further about potential use of RT for kernel patch tracking.


It's here! My very own copy of the Codex Seraphinianus! It's already weirding out co-workers, which was part of its intended purpose.


I want to go home, but I've got started hacking a really neat little Perl module, and I've only got two subroutines left to do. In fact, stuff it, I'm going home. I can finish this off tomorrow.

Idea of the day

I've just written something using Leon's excellent GraphViz module to turn a Shishi parser into a nice diagram of the state machine. While GraphViz turns a data structure into a graph, it would be really lovely for parser tuning to be able to play around with the graph in dotty and then read the resulting graph back into a data structure…

Home and tired

I got back from YAPC yesterday after a reasonably sleepless night flight. I was slightly suspicious to find my mail sorted and the kitchen tidied. But I was too tired to work out what was going on, so had a bath and forced myself into work, which was possibly a bad idea. I took the rest of the day to catch up with what's been going on here, and then returned home to find, yes, I had indeed acquired a housekeeper.