Deputation Resources

When we came back on deputation, we found that we were spending a lot of time planning and writing talks for churches, prayer groups and so on. Rather than do the same thing again and again, we collected our deputation material together in the hope that other missionaries would be able to take and adapt it to their situation.

Youth Mission Afternoon

We did an afternoon session for a church youth group on mission. Long talks and presentations weren’t going to work, so we split the room into four areas and ran little tasks in each booth, bringing everyone together every so often for a quick talk on various aspects of world mission, and rotating people around the booths every half hour. Read more about Youth Mission Afternoon

90 minute introductory talk

This is a talk we gave at a midweek meeting in Devon. They gave us an hour and a half. We chose to split it into three sections, and used the middle section to introduce two of our friends - one non-Christian and one Christian. We showed photos of them and told their stories, then encouraged people to think about how to get from one to the other. The idea was to put more of a human face on our work.