The answer is: don't

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The good news is that God is calling lots of people to become missionaries in Japan. I’m almost falling over them these days. Something is definitely moving.

The bad news is, they want to talk to me about it, and I’m cynical. So when I get asked about how to lead a Bible study for Japanese, I’m getting to the point where the answer is: don’t. Read more about The answer is: don't

Expectations, again

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I'm still reflecting on my experience working in a Japanese church. I've written before about the sense of expectations I've felt put on by myself, and by my church in the UK (or at least my perception of what they expect) but I didn't really think before about the expectations of my local congregation, the church I was working for. Perhaps at the time I was too close to the action.

More funeralia

Warning: This does get a bit graphic.

So yesterday and today I have mainly been assisting at Nagahama’s first Latin American funeral. This was the first Christian funeral I attended in Japan - you can read about my Buddhist funeral experience - and I get the impression it was fairly typical of the genre, despite the Latin cultural influence. Read more about More funeralia

Warm Biz

One of the few things that the Koizumi administration achieved was the promotion of Cool Biz - an environmental campaign where government offices were encouraged to allow workers to remove their jackets and ties so that air conditioners could be set marginally higher than normal, saving energy.