When you've got a minute

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If you've got a friend who's a plumber, is it reasonable to say “Can you just come around and have a look at my sink sometime?” Or maybe you have a friend who's a laywer. Would you say “Can you just defend this case for me when you have a spare moment?” Would you ask a painter friend “Do you think you could pop around and paint the outside of my house for me? I'll make you a cup of tea.”

We're back: Reason for Outage

It's been a horrible three days. Both my servers have been down, which meant no mail for me, none of my web sites up, no mail for the Japan field, no field web sites up, no lists up, no mail or web for my other users. Sorry, guys. We would have got things together much faster were it not for the hosting company, RapidSwitch. They were worse than unhelpful to begin with, but redeemed themselves towards the end. To keep things fair, I've interposed their excuses with the story. Read more about We're back: Reason for Outage

Javascript go board

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I had four things I wanted to do today. I've done two of them and I've started on the third but I'm probably too tired to actually finish it. Unfortunately, the third is the one that I actually have to do today, my sermon for Sunday. So what have I been doing instead? Um, well, messing with Javascript, actually. (OK, I also spent some time helping a local evangelism group learn how to improve their Internet communication, and I spent the afternoon with the old guys in the local community center, so it wasn't a complete messing-about day. But there certainly was some messing-about in it.)

New Songbee Release

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People using Songbee - by the way, please email me, so I know that there actually are some - particularly those using Songbee on Windows, should upgrade to version 1.1, released today. Get it at the usual place. It fixes a few display issues with furigana, and it also gives you a search bar that you can actually see, rather than having to just stab wildly at.

Email newsletters: Tell me what works and what doesn't

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OK, lazyweb, got a question for you.

I send out newsletters by email. I’m part of a team that sends out newsletters by email. I’ve just been asked by a local evangelism organisation to critique the newsletters that they send out via email. I have some ideas of what works, but I could be making all this up, so any further thoughts or disagreements people have would be appreciated. Read more about Email newsletters: Tell me what works and what doesn't