A theology of work

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Japanese churches are, in general, pretty dualistic. They only really deal with “spiritual” subjects; they may be excellent at giving you a theologically correct exposition of a Bible passage, and even at showing how that should affect your religious life, but they have very little concern for the “secular” life. For all that Japanese churches can teach you about how to relate to God, from the reaction I’ve received, providing teaching on how to relate to the world seems pretty revolutionary here. Read more about A theology of work

Jesus' words

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This morning I found myself wondering “what did Jesus actually talk about the most?” “What did Jesus talk about the most?” is a theological question which makes it hard to answer, but a related question—“What words did Jesus use the most?”—is a data journalism question, one that we can quantify and analyse. (It is worth reminding ourselves that answering the second question doesn’t necessarily answer the first, but it’s an interesting question nonetheless.) Read more about Jesus' words

Why all Biblical studies people should learn XeTeX

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I spent five years in university, theoretically studying Japanese and linguistics. What I actually spent my time doing with messing with computers. I turned my final year dissertation into a computational linguistics paper with a Japanese pretext. Basically, I was a scientist trapped in a humanities major. Read more about Why all Biblical studies people should learn XeTeX