We Make Change

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So last weekend, Nagahama church did the impossible: it hosted our engagement ceremony. It was on a much bigger scale than any of the engagement ceremonies they'd done before. We had much less preparation and many more guests coming than Pastor Takahashi and our volunteers were comfortable with. There were doubts about whether or not it was going to work, and feathers were ruffled. But in the end, it worked. Oh, did it work.

On Discrimination

I've been wanting for a while to write something more about homosexuality, Proposition 8 and all that stuff, but more and more I'm feeling that it's such a touchy and hyper-polarized subject that I need to deal with the problem side-on and piecewise. I have a very nuanced position on all this, and it's not something that people like to see nuanced positions on. You apparently have to either be all-in fags-will-burn, or all-out gay-marriage-should-be-legal-if-not-compulsary. I'm neither. I'm pretty much in the middle. (In fact, my position is pretty well summed up here.)

The Sexualisation of Mission

Last week I was interviewed by my home church about what I'm doing here. I both love and hate these interviews. Of course I love that my home church is concerned and want to know how I'm doing. I love that they take an interest. And of course I love the opportunity to talk about my work. I love my work. Well, some of the time. Anyway.

Too busy to blog

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There's been lots of interesting theological thoughts going on in my head recently, but heck, I really am astoundingly busy at the moment. And if I'm honest, a lot of it is due to failure to delegate. More than that, it's that old thing that missionaries say they'll avoid but never manage, making yourself indispensible. So, My Own Damned Fault.