Japanese culture in pictures: Yonige

A few months ago, our neighbours downstairs—a family with two young children—went missing. They apparently left the house as one would find it every day, with a pram and a bike outside the door, (and even the children’s bubble toy) and disappeared.

Last month, the owners of the flats went in the flats to change the locks, (presumably checking for bodies as they did so) and posted a notice on the door asking them to get in touch as soon as possible. They haven’t. Read more about Japanese culture in pictures: Yonige

I didn't even know the name

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God only knows, God makes his plan
The information’s unavailable to the mortal man

- Paul Simon, Slip Sliding Away

I’ve been holding back from blogging recently; there’ve been a few fires burning in the mission for a while, and while adding fuel would make me feel better it wouldn’t help anyone else. But one thing that I have really been dwelling a lot on is the third commandment: Read more about I didn't even know the name

Millennials in Mission

Mission work is full of military metaphors: we talk about “targeting” individuals, “mobilizing” workers for an “advance” on the “field”. Many organisations have realised that this kind of talk is deeply inappropriate, but it still remains perhaps because there is an underlying mindset which still thinks in those terms. In particular, mission in the age of the buster and boomer generations is still based on a command-and-control mentality. Read more about Millennials in Mission

"The son of man"

“Man is God appearing in the universe, appearing visibly in the midst of all he created. That changes the meaning of man, doesn’t it?

“I can see you Masai shaking your heads and saying, No! Man is not God. We know man, and he is filled with evil. He fights, he kills, he destroys, he does everything to separate others, and to separate himself from them.

An illustrative example from history

I’m editing a book on the history of the Japanese Orthodox Church. It’s a fascinating story for me because the pioneer missionary period was by far the most successful in Japanese Christianity. One missionary and a couple of short-termers planted hundreds of churches and a hundred thousand church members. It’s amazing. Read more about An illustrative example from history

Broken for you

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One of the things that keeps me, well… still a Christian is my ability to maintain a strict mental separation between Jesus and his followers. I think it’s a way of thinking that’s also popular with the spiritual-but-not-religious crowd. You know how it goes: I find the figure of Jesus amazing, intriguing and inspiring, even though I think quite a lot of the things that individual Christians have done are ugly, hateful and hypocritical distortions of his message. In general, we’re mean to the world around us, and by God are we even meaner to each other. Read more about Broken for you

A small suggestion for organisational communication

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Short but simple:

Read everything you send out from the perspective of the most recent recruit to your organisation. If they can’t understand it without tons of assumed background knowledge, you’re alienating and disenfranchising them. (And probably lots of other people too.)

What I’m talking about is this kind of rubbish: Read more about A small suggestion for organisational communication