Dead Country

Through my various trips to Japan, I'm now aware of most of the things which catch out the unwary foreigner. Things like the stealth public holiday, where you go into work and wonder why you're the only person there. But this is my first New Year in Japan, and it's completely got me.

I now pronounce you

Friday was a very joyful day. In the morning, I was doing a visit to a local primary school as part of their “world festival” - the school had rounded up a few likely foreigners, and we had to give a short presentation on our home countries and then a thirty-minute activity. I got the kids doing the London Bridge nursery rhyme and game, and while it was a bit slow to start, they got there in the end.

CPI Conference, Day One

I’m currently at the Church Planting Institute conference. There are six of us here from our mission; five of us came down yesterday in Martin’s van and stayed over in the most bizarre youth hostel ever. It’s next to an army camp, and to be fair, it was difficult to distinguish between the youth hostel and the army camp, particularly what with the soldiers marching through the grounds and everything. Read more about CPI Conference, Day One