It’s time for another “what’s going on” post. You probably already know I’m at the HQ building of our mission: some people work from home, I live at the office. It’s just a matter of perception, really. And you may know that I’m working in the IT department. Thankfully for me, this doesn’t mean computer support! I’m actually doing all the fun work that Mark here doesn’t get to do because he’s busy with support. This is a bit unfair on Mark, but it’s providing me with interesting jobs to do. Read more about Groupware

Hacking sleep

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Since I came to Bulstrode in September, my sleep schedule has been very poor. I guess it always was, but people here tend to start and finish their day earlier, so I'm more obviously out of phase. But also I noticed I wasn't getting to sleep until 2 or sometimes 3, and needing naps in the afternoon. This week, I decided to see if there was anything I could do about it.

A hard rain's a-gonna fall

I'm back in Wales, after a week working in Oxford and Reading. I did a few bits and pieces on DITABase, and now have something which sucks files out of subversion, renders them with XSLT transforms and displays them. The next step is getting them to be editable and sending them to SVN, and we've got most of a content management system written.

Mission week

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This here candidates course has been keeping me busy. This week has been “practical week”, where I’ve been lurking in the IT department in the basement; while everyone else has been repainting the corridors, I’ve been redesigning the network. In a way it’s left me feeling that I haven’t been connecting with the other candidates, but on the other hand I’ve been making myself useful, and I’ve been using that side of my brain again. Read more about Mission week