Ebooks and HTML5 should revolutionize go teaching

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So I play go, and I publish books. Because of the book thing, I keep thinking about new publishing technologies: e-readers, ebooks, HTML5 and so on. I’ve come to the conclusion that go books are an area where e-publishing can bring a real transformative change.

This is not trivial

In an interactive world, going back to reading a paper go book is a horrific experience: visualizing sequences within sequences, marks and variations all on the same diagram, which is often a considerable distance away - both conceptually and physically - from the explanation.

Partly this is a problem with bad book design and typesetting, but what it boils down to is a restriction of the medium. Sequences of moves are intrinsically, well, sequential, and reproducing them in a static medium is going to be awkward.

Interactive publishing could really fix this. In fact, I’ve cooked up a sample HTML5 application which demonstrates what go publishing and go teaching could look like in an e-publishing world. It’s centered around a Javascript library for creating animated HTML5 go diagrams; the next stage obviously is to create interactive books using the same concepts.

What do you think of the idea? For me it’s so many times clearer than the book equivalent that there’s no comparison. This is a direction that go publishing really needs to go into.