Ten reasons for missionaries not to evangelise

  1. You make yourself unavailable to the pastoral needs of your church members.
  2. You lose the opportunity for fellowship with other missionaries and church leaders.
  3. You can’t evangelise yet; you need to put more time into building the relationship.
  4. Sermons don’t write themselves, Bible studies don’t prepare themselves.
  5. It’s more important to train other people to do the work instead of doing it yourself.
  6. There’s an important meeting about proposed changes to the denominational organisational structure that you should be at instead.
  7. If you simply spend the time praying, God will do the rest.
  8. It’s better to put on an evangelistic event in the church, then you can control what happens.
  9. If you spend all your time having coffee and chats with friends, your co-workers might get envious.
  10. People might actually become Christians.

    (And yeah, apart from the last, I’ve heard all of these.)