Term has started

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Well, actually, OK, term started yesterday. But today I had my first class of term - Greek, with Chris giving us a theological reflection: basically this means picking out three or four concepts from the Greek of a passage and commenting on how this can inform us theologically; so, for instance, today one of the themes was “metanoia”, repentance, and we looked at how the word was used in the Septuagint, in other Greek texts, and what that tells us about Mark 1. I’m up next week looking at Mark 6.

And, of course, there was that exam thing. Three essays on theology of mission. Man, I haven’t written so much in so short a time - with one of those old-skool pen things as well - for many years. I think it went well; after all, having read basically nothing outside the Bible but Bosch for a month, I feel like I’ve assimilated his writing style. Apart from on the third essay, on whether or not the church should be involved in politics, where I completely lost critical distance and dashed off a rant worthy of inclusion here.

Maybe I’ll type it up sometime.