Simon Cozens | Sermons

Through my technical work as a programmer, I got to give a large number of technical talks at various conferences. When I started to become more active in my church, it was therefore natural that I should give talks there too. So somehow, almost without really noticing it, I became a preacher.

I try to make the text of any sermon I preach available on the web. However, my thinking about Christianity changes continually as I discover more of who God is, more of what the Church is, and more of who I am. If you read something here that you think is a bit odd, then rest assured that I probably do by now as well…

Preachedsort descending Language
Who do people say that I am? 2007-12-02 English
The Savior with Nothing at All 2007-12-23 Japanese
The Savior with Nothing at All (translation) 2007-12-23 English
The Prophets and the Poor 2008-01-06 English
Jonah and the whale of a time 2008-01-20 English
The Twelve Disciples 2008-01-27 Japanese
From the heart 2008-02-17 English
Blessed are the poor 2008-02-24 Japanese
Prophecy with a promise 2008-03-02 English
Who is the greatest? 2008-03-16 English