Shoplifting priests

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So a priest says to his congregation that, in Christian ethics, it’s preferable to steal than to starve, and there’s outrage from Christian commentators. I too am outraged: did this commentators sleep through their Church history courses? Because you know what, that priest is correct and this is a pretty settled case in Christian ethics. Read more about Shoplifting priests

Salami Tactics

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There used to be a lovely TV series called Yes, Prime Minister which satirised the British political system, with not a little truth. One episode discussed the use of the nuclear deterrant, and explained the use of “salami tactics” in modern warfare. The idea is, you only press the nuclear trigger if you have no choice - but salami tactics mean you don't have a situation where you clearly have no choice. The enemy takes a small slice at a time of apparently reasonable measures until the whole salami is gone.